Treasure Hunt🪙🏹

Treasure Hunt

Do not race after riches, do not risk your life for success or you will let slip the heaven within you. [CHUANG TZU 29]

Running after that cur, money I have forgotten you O lord. What a shame! I have time only for making money, not for you. [BASAVANNA, VACHANA 313]

I see men of wealth in the world-acquiring property, from delusion they give not away; out of greed a hoard of wealth they make and hanker sorely after more sense pleasures…. Wherefore better than wealth is wisdom by which one here secures the Accomplishment. [MAJJHIMA NIKAYA]

He who loves money will not be satisfied with money; nor he who loves wealth, with gain: this also is vanity. [ECCLESIASTE 5.10]

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