CelebratešŸ„‚ New YearšŸŖ…

Hope UPCOMING YEAR Give You – what You want from It

God first created the Universe, With millions of teeming beings. He himself is Love Incarnate, And kindles the fire within. [Bihu Song]

Like fruit, shaken free by an impatient wind from the veils of its mother flower, thou comest, New Year, whirling in a frantic dance. [Rabindranath Tagore]

Lembrace the glorious body of the Lotus eyed Krishna and hear the beautiful stories of his childhood. Come near, my child; let me have your holy darshan. [Vishu song]

Jind Mahi, the leaf buds (boor) have come on the ambi tree The faces (mukhrde) of the jattiyan are beginning to glow seeing that (jinnu vekh ke) fills me with intoxication…. [Baisakhi song]

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