Guru Arjun Dev Jayanti☘️

Guru Arjun Dev

He who bathes in the saints’ tank shall obtain salvation. Meditating on God’s name. He shall not suffer transmigration. [SORATH MOHALL]

O you mouse of a man, enconsed in a hole, you are bursting with pride, and indulge in actions which are must foolish… Seated in the swing of wealth, you rollick with pleasure, engrossed in illusion, you roam like an owl. You are thrilled with the love of family. Relatives and friends and your days are spent in accumulating sins. Death is eyeing you with its mouth open while you devour and devour and yet remain unsatiated. [SAWALYE SRI MUKHBAYA]

By the forgetting the supreme, all ailments cling to us. [GURU ARJUN DEV]

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