The science of the future will be the science of Human, not the science of matter.

Human awareness must come forth to alter the direction of scientific research. Science must strive for knowledge of Human-self. With this knowledge, we can build a totally new Consciousness.

When someone born, a new life can begin. This has been attempted by various religions in the past, but to see it through, to perfect it, a scientific approach is needed. The attitudes of conventional science and orthodox religion have always been dissimilar. Science and religion must join forces. This can save mankind.

What we have acquired through our knowledge of matter is nothing, compared to what to we will get by knowledge of the self. In the human mind, there are latent power and infinite possibilities as yet undeveloped. Society is much multiplied, dividuals effect of our personal interrelationship.

If we want to change society, we have to change men who exist within it. The confusion of energy is the poison; the control of energy is the nectar.

We must create a science that can feel the inner world of man with glowing health and celestial music, and we are creating it for this world, for life on this planet. Matter has been conquered, but the people for whom this has been done, has been completely ignored. Main must become the centre of both science and religion. And it will give birth to a great creative energy.

A bridged from Immortal World, courtesy : Osho International Foundation. (www.osho.com)

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