Each of us is a microcosm of the universe. Our essence is the same as the rest of the existence but our limited mind is unable to relate to it.

One of the real sources of stress is our life is the insecurity of not being enough. The subconscious feeling that we are incomplete, that there is always something out there that would somehow complete us.

We constantly compare ourselves with others. As there is always someone more successful, more interesting, healthier, better connected or seemingly happier, we feel less about ourselves.

Our essence is our soul. And our individual soul is the piece of the same universe. We are unable to experience this truth, cause of an ignorant and conditional mind with the societal expectations. And it is the birth of ego that drives us towards the futile goal of constantly getting ahead of others. Feeling enough it is our innate nature to progress.

Here are some idea to cultivate the feeling of being enough – : Medication help us come our restless mind, Be aware when the feelings of insecurity, Explore the truth of our being, practice Singh positive affirmations (such as ‘I am complete or enough’) practising self-love and self-compassion help to heal our emotional wounds and neutralize our tendency to be self-critical.

Pursuing inner goals, not comparing ourselves with others and being happy in others’ progress affirm our essential self.

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